Monday, April 25, 2011

Style Icon- Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe studied sociology and psychology at George Washington University. Before working as a stylist, Rachel worked at Gotham and YM magazine. Although Rachel works with high profile clients and has a very notable fashion sense, she does not have any formal fashion training. Rachel went freelance, giving her the opportunity to meet  and work with some high profile clients. Rachel is known for her BOHO CHIC style and that's what I love about her! Alot of the clothes she wear can be worn by woman of all shapes and sizes. I hope you guys enjoy some of my favorite looks!


  1. Love her! She's like my shero! She really inspires through what she was singlehandedly able to accomplish! Her show made her that much more likeable too.

  2. Most definitely! If you notice out of all my style icons post, I posted a little bit more about her background. I thought it was so inspirational that she had no styling experience and was able to conquer all that she has. There's HOPE Doll's!