Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gucci Boys

1. Children's pilot plastic frame sunglasses with gucci logo $140.00
2. GG pattern mini shawl $145.00
3. Short sleeve shirt with g major patch $225.00
4. Bermuda shorts with interlocking g patch and knit rib detail $195.00
5. Board slip on sneaker with gucci logo on back $185.00

1. Bomber jacket $1450.00
2. Five pocket skinny leg jean with interlocking g embroidery $185.00
3. Short sleeve vneck tshirt with printed web and interlocking $150.00
4. Belt with web and interlockinking g buckle $130.00

While browsing the Gucci Boutique, I came across these images and fell in love. One day in my future I hope to start my own clothing line for children. Stay tuned..... Oh yea, ENJOY!

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